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Sizes are only a guideline.

If you need bigger or smaller magnets, you send us the measurements you require

and a quote will be forwarded to you. Magnets are perfect for Advertising,

Save the Dates, Personalised Gifts, Magnetic Business Cards, Campaigning,

Souvenirs, Thank you Gifts,  and many more…

e.g. 80mm x 74mm

e.g. 74mm x 60mm

e.g. 50mm x 120mm

e.g. 74mm x 50mm

The above magnets are R6 each.

Minimum order of 10 (ten) magnets apply

Contact us for bulk orders and pricing

Other sizes to choose from :

100mm x 140mm = R14 each – minimum order of 4

140mm x 205mm = R32 each – minimum order of 2

205mm x 290mm = R60 each – minimum order of 1

Prices exclude postage.

Postage is determined on the size and weight of the parcel.

80mm x 74mm 74mm x 60mm 50mm x 120mm 74mm x 50mm Choose from our selection of magnets (No minimum quantity required) Contact us for a brochure of premade magnets

Magnets are great for invitations too.  Send us your magnet ideas and we make it happen for you!


Recommended sizes for

Save-The-Date Magnets

74mm x 100mm


60mm x 80mm

Contact us for the price list