Give a PUZZLE surprise: to your husband with that BIG fish he caught or of his pride and joy – his boat/car/aeroplane! To your child with his or her sport/academic achievement; to your wife with her brilliant golf shot.

Want to eternalise your children’s artwork? Feeling PUZZLED on how to promote your business differently? Let Plenty Puzzles PUZZLE it out for you!

PUZZLED how to announce something important? We specialise in these EVENTS... we will personalise and eternalise it for you:

Let your girlfriend be “PUZZLED” while she unravels your proposal.

Keep your friends/guests “PUZZLED” to discover and

build their own menu or invitation piece by piece.

What about an entertaining and PUZZLED

souvenir for your corporate associates?

Into Scrapbooking? Let your PUZZLED

photos speak more than a 1000 words!

PUZZLED on how to raise funds? Capture the essence/special features or moments of your club/school/church/town – and voila – you have a WINNER!!

Catch dad or your pet asleep in front of the television and PUZZLE the family with the evidence...

Send your mother-in-law a welcoming PUZZLED gift

with a unique moment of her grand child’s life.

Compile a collage of your school, company, family,

personal life (wedding day, anniversaries,

children growing up...)  and we will eternalise

it in a puzzle! Have fun and relive each memory

while you rebuild every special moment – piece by piece.   

Have a blank or whitewashed picture PUZZLE at your wedding reception and let your guests write special messages on your puzzle pieces. Alternatively have one small puzzle at each table for your guests to write you messages.

Is Grandma or Grandpa living abroad? “BEPUZZLE” them with a gift that can keep them guessing, happy and thinking of you with every piece they put together.

Let children have fun to figure out their own invites to a birthday party and afterwards PUZZLE out the birthday boy’s/girl’s face.

Keep your kids entertained by having them PUZZLE out their pets,

teacher, mom, dad, friends, classmates, house and school together.

Your toddler uneasy with the babysitter? Let them PUZZLE out a

picture together! That way your toddler will remember the good time

they had and will look forward to the babysitter coming again.

Intrigue your guests by placing a PUZZLE collage under the glass top of your coffee table.  Your guests will be marvelled by your life story.

When it is that time of the year again – REUNION – let everyone piece together a photo or collage of their last school year of their lives (have the outlines built already). They will laugh and remember everything together.


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